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The New “My Billings” Screen

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The New “My Billings” Screen

The new “My Billings” screen is a powerful tool designed to provide you with greater control over your provincial billings, ensuring efficiency and accuracy. Key Features of the “My Billings” Screen: This innovative addition to Visual-Eyes Software offers another layer of financial control, allowing you to manage your practice’s billing operations with confidence. We have […]

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Specialty Contact Lens Update

Contact Lenses

When ordering scleral contact lenses, additional scleral fields are now available so that you can add the extra information required. Please take a look at our Scleral Lens Guide for more information on how to set up and utilize this feature. If you require additional assistance, please contact our Product Support team at [email protected] or 403-314-1322 x 1. […]

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Microsoft Ends Support to Windows 7

As of January 14, 2020, Microsoft has ended support to Windows 7. This means that the operating system will no longer receive software and security updates, and Microsoft will no longer be offering technical support for any issues that arise. Without ongoing security updates, the number of system vulnerabilities will continue to grow, making any […]

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Legacy Windows XP and Vista PCs

Are you using any legacy Windows XP or Vista computers in your office? If so, it may be time for an upgrade. Why should I make the switch?  Microsoft no longer supports these versions of Windows, and will not patch any security flaws or exploits which can leave you vulnerable. New software is generally not […]

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The Rx Screen – Redesigned

Dispensing Module

The Rx screen has been redesigned in VE7 with extra features and additional fields in preparation for online ordering. Some changes you will notice are: New background colour Previous rx and order status tab system is being removed  Summaries will display relevant order information Click or enter into a minimized summary to expand and edit […]

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VE7 Updates and Features

Our Development team works hard to continue to add improvements and new features to Visual-Eyes. Some VE7 features are: New colour options for your navigation bar and field highlighting Multi-booking appointments Integrated health care validation (HCV – Ontario) My Exams status screen For additional improvements and features please view the ATTACHMENT. To update to VE7 […]

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Multi-Booking Made Easy

Do you have patients that come in for multiple follow up or visual field appointments? Want to save yourself time flipping through the schedule to find available appointment slots? You asked and we listened.  Our developers created an option to streamline your multibooking process. In Version 7, you can enter your appointment type just once, […]

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Attention Ontario Clinics

Did you know in Ontario you can register as a group to submit OHIP claims? Save time during your submission and remittance process by only submitting once per clinic, rather than one file per Doctor. For clinics with Doctors working in other practices, using OHIP Group Billings is a great option to keep claims and […]

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New Features in Visual-Eyes Version 7

We are very excited to announce that Visual-Eyes version 7 will be released in the new year. Some of the new features include: A multi-appointment booking screen Color coded relevant notes Integrated exam status screen Picking your own navigation colors Ontario: An automated HCV system to check for patient eligibility For a more comprehensive list […]

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Exciting News from Development!

Our development team has been busy on many fronts this past year, but one of the most exciting things we are working on is direct lab integration. This new feature will allow you to download lens pricing directly into your Visual-Eyes catalog. Using our markup functions, you can then create your personalized retail pricing. Once […]

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