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Minimize Vacant Optometry Chair Time with Online Booking

How often are you looking at an empty exam chair? How many more minutes do you spend doing administration work than with your patients? Those are issues you can solve with online booking through Visual-Eyes Software

Increasing the time you spend with patients and the number of patients you see is important, but you also want to continue providing the exceptional experiences your patients expect. Visual-Eyes Software can streamline your booking processes with Visual Book—so you and your staff can focus on providing outstanding patient care. 

Why Online Booking Matters for Your Practice

Online booking software like Visual Book makes it easier for patients to book appointments while reducing the amount of time optometry staff spend manually booking appointments and managing schedules. 

By connecting with other features like Visual Connect, Visual Book and the suite of modules available through Visual-Eyes Software can assist with filling your schedule and enhance your patient experiences at the same time. 

Benefits of Online Booking for Patients

The focus of Visual-Eyes Software is grounded in helping you enhance every part of your patient experiences—starting with a patient’s first visit and continuing through their ongoing relationship with your practice. Visual Book’s power to enhance patient experiences comes from its ability to make booking appointments easier. 

Some of the key benefits of Visual Book for patients include:

  • Access for patients to see your availability and book appointments at times that work for their schedule
  • More opportunities for booking appointments through integration with your website, social media accounts, emails, and local listing websites
  • The ability to book appointments at any time of the day—not just during business hours

Through online booking with Visual Book, you can provide more convenience for patients and create more time for staff to focus on other important tasks. 

Benefits of Online Booking for Optometry Practices

Appointment booking can be time-consuming for any optometry practice. Using online booking software like Visual Book frees up staff to focus on patients while increasing efficiency by reducing potential errors and redundancies in your schedule.

Some of the benefits Visual Book can create for optometrists and their teams include:

  • Maintain control over your practice’s schedules while, reducing the risk of double-bookings with our real-time integration
  • More opportunities to fill your schedule with options for patients to book appointments across multiple platforms
  • Full integration with your in-office schedule, so your schedule is always up-to-date with the accurate information you need for the day
  • More patients returning to enjoy the memorable patient experiences you provide

Each patient is unique, and so are their needs. Online booking is another tool you can use to allow your staff to focus on meeting the individual needs of every person who visits your practice. 

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How Does Online Booking Work with Scheduling

Through Visual-Eyes Software, Visual Book integrates directly with your schedule to provide real-time updates when patients book appointments, reschedule, or cancel—so you are always looking at an up-to-date, accurate version of your schedule. 

You can also control exactly which types of appointments patients can book and where. When paired with the recall reminder system, the Scheduler Module of Visual-Eyes Software and Visual Book can work together to ensure patients are able to book the exact appointment(s) required to meet their specific needs.

Linked appointment bookings through Visual-Eyes Software can also make it easier to ensure other services, such as testing with optometric assistants, can be booked automatically based on recall tracking and appointment types. 

Other Options for Reducing Vacant Optometry Chair Time

Visual Book is not just focused on attracting new patients. You can also use other features to connect with existing patients. With Visual Connect, you can reduce vacant chair time by:

  • Using recall reminders to ensure patients come back for regular eye exams and important follow-up appointments
  • Sending out appointment reminders to reduce no-show appointments 
  • Using specialized direct marketing with customized booking links to re-engage patients

Online booking is just one of many ways Visual-Eyes Software can help improve patient experiences and practice efficiency. You can go beyond simply keeping your schedule full and take advantage of features like Visual Connect to enhance the care and services you provide while you create memorable, positive experiences for everyone who visits you. 

How Do You Get Started with Online Booking?

Your experiences with online booking can be tailored to your unique practice needs. At Visual-Eyes Software, we offer several forms of training to help your staff familiarize themselves with online booking systems in a format that works for them, including self-guided training resources, on-site training, and remote training options. 

Schedule a demo today to learn more about how online booking systems like Visual Book can be customized for your needs to help you and your team spend more time with patients. 

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